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Art's Night

Event Date: 
Thursday, May 31, 2012 - 6:15pm

 On May 31, 2012 SSA held its annual Art's Night extravaganza. It was absolutely amazing!!! The students' artwork was out of this world. Every drawing, painting, and craft project was unique and awe-inspiring. The children are incredibly talented and everyone has a style of their own. How lucky they are to have Ms. Naylor as their Art teacher and to be able to learn from such a gifted and caring artist. You'd never have guessed these works were done by children! After everyone had had a chance to admire the students' artwork, they sat down to watch the performance. Once again SSA Music teacher Marcia Reinhard blew everyone away with her unmatched skill of creating a Broadway worthy performance in just under two months between classes and other school events. The children were divine, their singing heartfelt and beautiful, their acting skilled and moving, and the music simply wonderful. It's impossible to say who impressed the audience the most - everyone did an amazing job. The night's show was about King Arthur and "Mighty Medieval Men". When faced with a choice between a sword and a boomwhacker Arthur chooses the latter causing much upheaval among his mighty medieval men. "How will we defend our land? What are we to do?", they ask him anxiously. The ladies, however, are all for Arthur's decision and tell the men in no uncertain terms that if they want them to continue washing their clothes and cooking their food, and taking care of all things domestic, they'd better listen to Arthur. This leads to even more outrage among the men but what can they do? Everyone knows, men are helpless without their women... The girls were brilliant in their portrayal of these feisty medieval ladies. They really pulled it off! The 6th Grade girls, Leah Berke, Rachel Goldstein, and Deniz Kayhan were marvelous jesters. Their singing was beautiful and their dancing graceful. The subtle humor added a nice, unique touch to their performance. These girls rock! Jack Morse was lovely as King Arthur - his deep voice and quiet manner was just right for the story. Jonathan Dryden-Jaffe was magnificent as Merlin aka the narrator - cutting, sarcastic and very dramatic. It was a great night and not a single member of the audience remained unmoved by the brilliant performance. Not a dry eye in the house! They say that every year Art's Night is a raving success and I am sure that's absolutely true but this was still very special. The little kids were so adorable! Of course the true heroine of the night was Marcia Reinhard. The mind boggles at the thought of how much time and effort must have gone into this project in order for the performance to be so impressive. The little kids alone must have been a lot of work. They may be enthusiastic and cute but they are also very young and not quite up there with experienced actors. Ms. Naylor did a beautiful job with the scenery - the stage looked professional and quite stunning. Art's Night is always a team effort so a lot of people were involved in its preparation and hats off to all of them. It was a night that reflected the school's overall spirit and attitude like no other - we are all in this together, we are not just a school but a family and we've always got each other's back.

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