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Chanukah Play Dec. 10 at 6:30pm at SSA

Event Date: 
Thursday, December 10, 2015 - 6:30pm

Our SSA Chanukah Play

This year's Chanukah play at Solomon Schechter Academy has many goals: providing holiday entertainment; displaying the talent and spirit of the students; and opening the doors to welcome the community. Do not be surprised if long-forgotten happy memories are stirred up, new ones are acquired and your heart is filled with joy and appreciation for family, friends and faith.

The small, but mighty cast of SSA students are knitting together all of their theatrical talents to create a child friendly, play that has a deep message. Young children have the powerful knack of providing inspiration, which just flows spontaneously out of their intuitive hearts. This is just another element that makes the Chanukah play an important event not to miss. When young children are on the stage they just do everything right. They help us to remember our dreams and keep our hearts young.

Fortunately for the community, Sigmund Strochlitz, Lou Detz, Winnie Kierstein, and Helen Glick left us a school, which is an artery to the heart. It is an artery because if we cut it off, there is no blood to the heart, and there is nothing more valuable in the world than a school.

The children are part of a real life story that continues through faith and tradition, and we can support all of their efforts by attending Solomon Schechter Academy's Chanukah play on Thursday, December 10, 2015 at 6:30 p.m. in the Beth El Social Hall.

I am forever grateful to all who continue to support the future of our students. The Chanukah play represents another piece of tradition that binds us all together in one circle.

By Karen Navarre, SSA Music Teacher, November 20, 2015


SSA Students Prepare for Chanukah Show

There is the adage “action speaks louder than words” and those words ring true at Solomon Schechter Academy as the industrious students continue to prepare for the Chanukah play on December 10, 2015 at 6:30 p.m. in the Beth El Social Hall. They are motivated, cooperative, creative, and fun.

In each student, I see the positive influences of having loving and devoted parents who are not afraid of encouraging healthy work ethics in their children. The cast works with inspiring enthusiasm that is supported by the labors of their parents. I deeply respect the solid foundations that are being laid down in their hearts and souls. Be sure to come and see the young and trusting students of Solomon Schechter in action. They are keeping the story of Judah Maccabbee alive.

The Chanukah play is an engaging theatrical activity that is a path on the educational journey and a layer in the foundation. A strong foundation builds character, confidence, and commitment, purposely designed to withstand adversity. Solid foundations are hardly ever completely destroyed, and can be rebuilt, restored, and reinforced. The parents of Solomon Schechter Academy know that, and that is why the Chanukah play is important to them and to the children.  

By Karen Navarre, SSA Music Teacher, November 30, 2015


A Beautiful Chanukah Play

The Hanukkah play has come and gone, but not without hard work while spreading lots of joy. From my experience, work is good for the soul, but the acquisition of amazing memories created by a small group of children leaves me feeling most fortunate. I am over-the-moon proud of the Solomon Schechter Academy students and because of them I am taking joy with me wherever I go and sprinkling it around. I will be walking on my own cloud of happiness for a long time because our goals were accomplished. People came to the performance, and not just parents of the participating children; all of the children performed beautifully; and felicity was spread in the name of a holiday celebration.

Making people smile, feel good and be carefully reminded of why we celebrate Hanukkah are not simple tasks in a complicated world. Small as the production may have appeared, it was done with great love by a group of children who had, and will continue to have a positive impact on the world. For a change, something good was contagious, and I want to hold on to that wonderful feeling forever. Those little seeds, planted and nurtured by their supportive parents, will grow into mighty oaks, but even as young seedlings they have already started to make beneficial contributions. They are being empowered to continue making the world more beautiful.

One of the nicest, unsolicited things I heard said was, “If I had children, this is where I would send my children.” Solomon Schechter Academy is a small, powerful school. It reminds me of a gold chain well-preserved by a master jeweler, every link is precious. Every student is precious at SSA.

By Karen Navarre, SSA Music Teacher, December 11, 2015

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