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Event Date: 
Friday, May 25, 2012 - 8:30am

 On May 25, 2012 SSA held Consecration. It was a beautiful, moving event. In a nod to Shavuot everyone arrived dressed in white. The children looked lovely. Grade 2 received their own Siddurim and read from them. They did a marvelous job! Gan students and Carly Katz, a 1st Grade student who joined SSA at the beginning of this school year and had not been consecrated in Kindergarten, were formally welcomed into SSA's Jewish studies porgram. The little ones were adorable! So solemn and full of awe and wonder. Head of school Karen Rosenberg presented each child with a certificate with his or her Hebrew name on it (some of them had never had Hebrew names before which made the day even more special), a "baby" Torah and a Hershey bar. Mrs. Rosenberg told the children that one of their teachers, Mrs. Terri Goldsmith, had frozen her son's Consecration chocolate bar and given it to him later, on the day of his Bar Mitzvah. What a wonderful idea! I am sure many of the parents were inspired to do the same. Afterwards Karen Rosenberg gave her blessing to the students of Gan, Carly Katz and Grade 2. It was very touching. The students of 1st Grade brought out the beautiful Torah they had made for everyone to see. Although this day was mainly about Gan and Grade 2, the other students of the school were not left out: they all had a chance to say various prayers. What a happy, exciting day!

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