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Crazy Hat Parade and Purim Spiel 2013

Event Date: 
Friday, February 15, 2013 - 1:00pm

 On February 15, 2013 SSA held its annual Crazy Hat Parade and Purim Spiel. What an enormously fun day for all! Each year we are amazed by the children's creativity and imagination when they parade around in their by turn whimsical, comical, pretty, cute, inspired and outrageous hats. This year's choices included such examples of engineering genius as an underwater themed hat that produced bubbles and a sunny, spring-inspired daffodil creation that would put a smile on the face of the most stubborn groucho out there. At our Crazy Hat Parade everybody is a winner, which makes it all the more fun to participate. The best thing about it? The teachers are not afraid to go crazy hat either!

Later that same day the audience was treated to an enchanting play put on by Kindergarten Judaics teacher Terri Goldsmith. This year's Purim Spiel, otherwise known as "Funky Purim", always involving children from K-1, was, es ever, funny, touching and adorable from the moment the students entered the room to their bows. It involved not one, not two, but three Queen Esthers - so no one felt left out - one spunky Vashti, the most charming of King Achashveroshes and a Mordecai to be reckoned with. And let's not forget the very strong performance given by Haman! Delightful screenplay, adorable actors and beautiful music, not to mention the singing - an all-around treat. Love all SSA performances but Purim Spiel is always special.

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