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First Day of School 2012

Event Date: 
Wednesday, August 29, 2012 - 8:30am - 3:00pm

 SSA's first day of school on August 29, 2012 was filled with fun and wonder. The students' excited chatter could be heard for miles and miles. The three eager to learn little boys of this year's Gan explored their new classroom and got to know their teacher Sally Ravenelle. The rest of the school has moved on to a higher grade and, in some cases, new classrooms, too. All the children were just happy to be back in school and see their friends and teachers again. There are some new students at the school which is always wonderful and exciting. SSA students are very warm and welcoming so I am sure the children joining the school this year will be very happy with their new second home and family. At the end of the day the children were asked what they had enjoyed the most about their first day of school and everyone answered with one subject or another. It was very touching to watch the kids' and teachers' faces light up when the former named their subject as the highlight of their day. These are children who love learning and who know and appreciate that they have the most amazing teachers around. As a suprise for the students, head of school Karen Rosenberg invited Mrs. Adelman from Six Paca Farm in Bozrah, CT. Mrs. Adelman is Stephen Hyde's grandmother and owns an alpaca farm here in Connecticut. She brought two of the alpacas with her and the children got to pet them and, in some cases, even receive affectionate smooches from them. What an amazing opportunity! Mrs. Adelman and Stephen, who assisted her, told the children a little bit about alpacas. The students listened with wonder and it was obvious they appreciated this incredible end to their day. Later they all received popsicles and got to spend some time on the playground. An all around great day!

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