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Southeastern Connecticut's premier elementary school
located in Waterford, CT

Grade 4 & Grade 5

The fourth and fifth grade years are a time of fostered independence. The core subjects of reading and math are taught by ability-grouping while the classes are combined for writing, social studies, science, and specials. Integration of all subject matters is crucial in a combined curriculum. Research skills are honed as the students write articles for The Lion's Roar  news magazine. Computer skills are further developed in social studies, math, and science. The work completed by the fourth and fifth grade students well prepares them to enter into their final year at SSA and the experience of middle school.

"We study a wide variety of science topics, including life, earth, physical, and technological sciences. We develop skills, collect data, and demonstrate an understanding of the sciences and their importance to our community. We do many lab experiments such as, making fresh water from salt water, checking our rainwater for acid, and making sound with homemade musical pipes. The students love to do these lab experiments!  It is exciting to watch students look through a microscope for the first time. They are in awe as they see microorganisms swim by in a drop of pond water. After following the scientific method, the students write lab reports for each experiment. We have such a great time discovering the world around us in science!" - Carrie Alessio, grades 4-6 science teacher