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Lag B'Omer

Event Date: 
Friday, May 11, 2012 - 8:00am - 2:00pm

 On Friday, May 11, 2012 SSA held its annual Lag B'Omer field day. It began with a delicious pancake breakfast that had everyone asking for seconds - parents included. The teachers and parents were hard at work making pancakes, serving them and painting the students' faces. Actually some parent faces, too. The children were all excited and eager to start the day's activities. All the students were divided into teams: the Green Monsters, the Red Dragons, the Yellow Team, Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs and the Black Jack Team. They were dressed and face-painted accordingly and everyone was very much in character. The teams filed into the Oolam one by one and introduced themselves. Every team was accompanied by a teacher - Mrs. Spitz for the Green Team, Mrs. Goldsmith for the Yellow Team, Mrs. Naylor for the Black Team, Mrs. Ravenelle for the Red Team and finally Mrs. Morrell for the White Team. Afterwards everyone left the school and went to Toby May for the Opening Ceremony. The children sang the National Anthem and the Hatikvah. At 10 a.m. it was time to begin the games! There were three types of games planned for the day and all the children got a chance to participate in all of them. They were: Track and Field under the guidance of Mrs. Filippetti and Mrs. Todd, Big Game Hunting held by Mrs. Sharack and Mrs. Grandjean and, finally, Dragon Slayers supervised by Mrs. Reinhard and Mrs. Weissman. It was difficult to tell who had more fun - the students or the teachers. The children were as ever wonderfully supportive of one another, cheering the teams on and generally being good sports. When the games were over the students had team color snacks. It was absolutely ingeniuos of the teachers - there were bananas, lime chips, guacamole, salsa, watermelon, celery, cupcakes, grapes, cucumbers and all manner of green, yellow, red, white and black foods there. At the end the students were encouraged to pay a visit to the other teams' tables and check out what they had to offer. Even the drinks were color coordinated! So clever. Afterwards there was an all-school kickball game. Despite the fact that it was quite chilly and windy the children seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely and were happy to go on playing until nighttime. The teachers took part in the game as well and it was very sweet to watch them with the little ones who didn't always know what to do. The older students were very protective of them too - not that there is anything unusual about that. After the game it was time for lunch. The hot dogs and salad were a big hit among the budding and professional athletes alike. Lunch was followed by recess - although recess sounds a bit funny on such an all together fun day. When the students came back from recess it was time for Birkat HaMazon and the Quiz Bowl. The students aced both. The whole school then moved outside for the running races and Yesh Lanu Tayish. The race winners were Fiona Morrison, Daniel Sapozhnikov, Dana Katz, Rachel Goldstein and Mrs. Ravenelle. Yes, the teachers took part in the races too and looked very impressive. After that everyone danced and collected awards and popsicles. What an incredible, fun, happy, joyful day! No one seemed to feel the cold or the wind or any discomfort whatsoever - and it was pretty exhausting in the end - because everyone was too busy having the time of their lives. No wonder both the students and teachers look forward to this day all year. Yet another example of what an exceptional and happy place the SSA is.

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