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Project Night Held

Event Date: 
Wednesday, February 16, 2011 (All day)


Project Night Held at Solomon Schechter Academy
On Wednesday evening, February 16, 2011, Solomon Schechter Academy parents and guests were invited to visit “Digitopolis”. The theme of this year’s all-school project night was math. The students and staff transformed their classrooms into important components of “Digitopolis” and SSA visitors rotated through the major attractions.  
The kindergarten and first grade class became the “Department of Information” and showed off their knowledge of mathematical facts. Students in the second and third grade class designed their own personal game for “Games R Us”, with each having the requirement to answer math problems correctly in order to progress through the game. Students in fourth grade math formed the “Karen and Kompany Kool Konstruction” outfit and showed off their geometry knowledge by designing geomatoids then writing instructions so others could re-create the design. They also constructed a showroom for their company. Fifth grade math students formed the “SSA Best Buy” store and explained the math needed in shopping, determining sales tax, percent sale reductions, total costs and monetary change of a purchase. Sixth and seventh grade math pupils explored the math as well as the mechanics of setting up and running a restaurant, “Quattro Leone”. Everyone enjoyed the tasty treats served up by the student/ owners. All the SSA students were impressive with their demonstrated mathematical skills!