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Project Night Held

Event Date: 
Wednesday, February 15, 2012 (All day)

                                                                           Solomon Schechter Academy holds Project Night 

            On Wednesday, February 15, 2012 Solomon Schechter Academy held their all-school Project Night. Modeled after the very popular, informational, television program the “Dr. Oz Show”, parents, staff and guests were invited to attend the live taping of the “Dr. Sol Show (short for Dr. Solomon Schechter that is).  The evening’s program, “Healthy Mind, Healthy Body” was sponsored by the Kindergarten-first grade Athletic Club, whose slogan was “Keep Moving”! In the role of Personal Trainers, they demonstrated numerous methods to keep moving throughout the taping, which included dancing, walking, biking, jumping rope, skipping and an audience participation game of “Simon Says”.

            Dr. Solomon Schechter was called away on an emergency, so Dr. Deniz Kayhan graciously stepped in as the Guest Host. The show opened with the K-1 Athletic Club sharing vital information on how the heart circulated blood through the arteries, capillaries and veins. Dr. Kayhan introduced the first two sixth grade Guest Specialists, Dr. Reed Spitzer, Neurologist, and Dr. Gavin Pressler, Orthopedist. Our own Jerry Fischer volunteered to participate in Dr. Spitzer’s Touch Sensitivity laboratory experiment. Dr. Pressler explained how the bicep and triceps muscles work.

Sixth grade Guest Specialist, Dr. Rachel Goldstein, Gastroenterologist, and Dr. Adam Goldstein demonstrated how food is digested in the stomach.  This was a perfect transition for our cooking demonstration by the 2nd/3rd grade Schechter Chefs. The Schechter Chefs demonstrated how to prepare a healthy salad while explaining the health benefits of the various ingredients. They also prepared a healthy dessert, Banana Bread Pudding. Parent volunteers distributed samples of the salad and dessert for the audience to taste.

Dr. Renee Kohanski assisted the next sixth grade Guest Specialist, Dr. Jonathan Dryden-Jaffe, Cardiologist. With the audience cheering, Dr. Kohanski did continuous jumping jacks for a full minute to show the impact of exercise on a person’s pulse. Next on, sixth grade Guest Specialist, Dr. Jack Morse, Orthopedist, discussed some possible injuries to the skeletal system.

Our 4th and 5th grade team represented viruses, bacteria and the components of Your Body’s Defense Force. Did you know our bodies have 7 defenses against viruses and bacteria – mucus, cilia, earwax, skin, stomach acid, lymphocytes and the immune system, and last, but importantly, our brains. Our brains can help us make the right choices for our bodies, such as avoiding recreational drugs and alcohol. 

The last sixth grade Guest Specialist, Dr. Leah Berke, Pulmonologist, explained the importance of the respiratory system to our bodies. Helen Berke aided in a lung capacity experiment by blowing through a straw into bubble solution so Dr. Berke could measure the bubble size and compare it to other experiment participants. Dr. Kayhan finished the educational portion of the program with a presentation on the negative effects of drugs and alcohol on the brain.

The taping ended with an all cast rendition of a song, “Ain’t Nothing Like a Brain” written by Ms. Sally Ravenelle and conducted by Ms. Marcia Reinhard.  The song was sung to the melody of “Nothing Like a Dame” from the musical, “South Pacific.” After the taping, the audience had the opportunity to review the drawings prepared by the cast detailing the human body’s systems.

The cast would like to extend special thanks to Dr. Phil Kohanski, Dr. Youval Katz, Dr. Dena Ross and the entire Schechter staff for all their efforts and support. Overall, the evening was fun and very educational!

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