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Southeastern Connecticut's premier elementary school
located in Waterford, CT

School Life

Complementing academic classes are those we call Specials - classes like art, music, and physical education. These, along with sports and clubs, provide a staging area for the multiple intelligences at work in each child. Supporting and enriching learning, they stretch and challenge as well.


“What motivates me most as an art teacher is the desire to expose my students to the creative process and transform them into lifelong participants. Projects are carefully orchestrated for guaranteed success because the focus is on the artistic process rather than the product or end result.” — Nicole Naylor, former SSA art teacher

"I am thrilled to be able to foster the creative spirit and help to instill an appreciation and understanding of the fundamentals of art and art history!  Solomon Schechter Academy is a wonderful place to teach.  Each student is given the opportunity to express their own learning styles.  Individuality, culture, and kindness are abundant! The family support and teacher involvement is amazing.  SSA is a nurturing environment in which children become and feel their best! I'm lucky to work here" - Leah LeCara, SSA art teacher


“Teaching music to children has brought more joy into my life than I could ever have imagined—watching the child who struggles in math learn fractions as she learns note values, the child who shuns dance suddenly put movement into his song, and best of all, the shy child who does a solo for the first time and smiles from ear to ear with pride. The children at Solomon Schechter learn so much more than music in music. They learn that they can accomplish things they never thought they could.” — Marcia Reinhard, music teacher

"A small school is like eating homemade chicken soup rather than canned soup.  It is not commercial or industrialized.  I came in to direct the Chanukah play and work with Marcia.  Mrs. LeCara is doing the art.  Everyone is on the same team, caring for the same students.  We are not rushing any students in and out...The faculty is there because we love it.  We love it because of a dynamic principal; committed and supportive parents; the students really want to learn, even when the process is difficult; we can truly target the intellectual needs of each child..." --- Karen Navarre, music teacher


"Athletics should be taught as a lifelong commitment. Our curriculum stresses fitness, fun, family and friends. The activities focus on the physical and emotional well-being of each individual student. I take every opportunity to learn about the qualities that make each student unique and try to create an environment that will foster growth in all areas." - Ada Fillippeti, PE Coordinator and teacher