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SSA Dance Club 2014

Event Date: 
Friday, May 2, 2014 - 2:00pm

 This wonderful annual event never disappoints! Our students learn a dance and put on a performance for friends and family. Our 6th grade students take it upon themselves to teach the younger students a dance and are simply wonderful with them. We also have great dance coaches. This year our lovely 6th Grade girls Mimi and Keri Doherty not only shared the art of tap dance with our K-2 girls, they also generously gave them their dance costumes to keep. Our boys were hilarious in their dance to "What does the fox say" and the 6th Grade's dance to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" stole the show. The best part is always the cause... This year was even more special as our students chose to benefit a wonderful organization called "The Gut Feeling" set up by SSA alum Benjamin Feinberg. What a wonderful way to honor our community and everything it stands for! We couldn't be prouder.

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