Academic and Jewish Cultural Studies


Solomon Schechter Academy (SSA) empowers our students to seek knowledge and to take responsibility for their own learning.  Teachers, staff, and students create a warm and supportive atmosphere where each individual is valued for his or her unique ideas and talents. A dedicated teaching staff and small classes allow us to address the varied learning styles and needs of our students.

The performance of our children singing “Ki Tavo El Modi’in” at the school Hanukkah program was especially moving not only because of the beautiful voices and music, but also because of the meaningful lyrics. The song describes how the planting of a seed in the wilderness of Modi’in in Israel results in a miracle — the mountain of Modi’in blooms full of flowers. Likewise, SSA provides a nurturing environment for its students. These children are the little seedlings that will grow up with a strong foundation in Jewish learning and represent the future of Jewish life in our community.” —Laura, SSA Parent