Academic and Jewish Cultural Studies Con't

Our comprehensive secular curriculum includes language arts, math, science, social studies, music, art, and physical education. It is supplemented by a co-curricular program which includes clubs and co-ed athletics. Students work in single-age and multi-age groups to experience the strength and enjoyment of collaborative learning.  Parents are actively involved in the school, working in partnership with teachers and serving on various committees and on the board of directors. Several times a year the entire SSA community –- parents, siblings, grandparents, staff, and friends -- come together to celebrate, to play, to worship, and to learn.

We welcome children from all religions and backgrounds. Jewish cultural studies include Hebrew as a foreign language, history, texts, and religious practices. They come alive through age-appropriate study, prayer, creative arts, and community service. Students experience the richness of Jewish tradition by participating in the yearly holiday cycle and in special events, such as receiving their first siddur and chanting from the Torah.

Solomon Schechter Academy teaches students to value a diversity of beliefs, backgrounds, abilities, and talents. Our students learn that they can make a difference when they feed the hungry, sing for the elderly, and raise money for a variety of charities. We help them build a sense of compassion and to develop a sense of responsibility for themselves, for others, and for the world beyond their immediate communities. Our children graduate with a well-rounded, multicultural education, having experienced both the power of knowledge and the joys of community.