Why is this school different from all other schools?

Choosing a school for our children is a serious responsibility. When we are choosing our child’s very first school, the decision is tougher yet. This is a complex, competitive and sometimes confusing world, and we want to prepare our children by exposing them to a rigorous and challenging curriculum. But when our child leaves home on their first day of school, academic achievement is the farthest thing from our mind. Read More...

The Curriculum

Solomon Schechter Academy provides a complete, rigorous secular education, enriched with high-quality exposure to art, music, physical education and technology. We are accredited by CAIS (The Connecticut Association of Independent Schools) and provide an elementary school education that is the equal of any in the area. How do we know? We could parade our test scores, but we prefer to parade our students. SSA graduates consistently excel at middle schools across the area, including East Lyme, Waterford and Mystic public schools as well as NFA and The Williams School. And, while we cannot take complete credit, our college matriculation list is impressive as well, including The University of Pennsylvania, Yale, Brown, Haverford, Tufts, and other highly competitive schools. Read more...


Let’s put all of the educational catchwords and statistics aside for a moment and consider the one school trait that will have more to do with your child’s happiness than any other—school culture. When you walk in the door, how does it feel? Is it institutional, or warm and cozy? Is it alien and a little threatening, or familiar and welcoming? Do you smile, or look for the office? SSA feels a little like walking into your cousin’s house for a gathering of the extended family. The energy and joy is palpable—you can’t miss it. How is this possible when there are so many kids to organize and educate? It all starts with the people. SSA has assembled a team of tremendously talented and warm people. They have created a safe space. It is not judgmental or competitive and it is not focused on success and failure. It is about relationships—with peers and with teachers; it is about trust, friendship, tolerance, respect, and togetherness. This sense of safety, of being surrounded by people who truly believe in you, allows children to take the personal and educational risks that are needed for real growth. The program is challenging, but the children revel in the challenge. The process is amazing to experience. Read more...

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