The Curriculum


Solomon Schechter Academy provides a complete, rigorous secular education, enriched with high-quality exposure to art, music, physical education and technology. We are accredited by CAIS (The Connecticut Association of Independent Schools) and provide an elementary school education that is the equal of any in the area. How do we know? We could parade our test scores, but we prefer to parade our students. SSA graduates consistently excel at middle schools across the area, including East Lyme, Waterford and Mystic public schools as well as NFA and The Williams School. And, while we cannot take complete credit, our college matriculation list is impressive as well, including The University of Pennsylvania, Yale, Brown, Haverford, Tufts, and other highly competitive schools.

We also teach a rich Judaic curriculum, which includes the study of Jewish holidays and culture, the history of the Middle East and the State of Israel, Hebrew language and Jewish religious observance. If your child is Jewish, they will be grounded in their faith in a way that simply cannot be attained by after-school classes.They will be completely comfortable with daily Jewish observance and study, and well prepared for their Bar or Bat Mitvah.

The benefits of Judaic study, however, are not confined to our Jewish students. Jewish observance is rooted in study and based on critical reading, questioning and debate, all skills with broad application to academic pursuits. Most SSA students arrive with almost no knowledge of Hebrew as a language. Yet they leave seven years later reading, writing and speaking. Language is an integral part of the SSA experience, and the training is far more rigorous than at a typical elementary school. The performance of SSA graduates has made it very clear that the skills developed while learning Hebrew are readily transferable to other languages. Far from lagging behind other students who may have studied French or Spanish, Schechter students almost universally excel at language studies in middle and high school.

SSA is not, however, just another academic factory. As a Jewish day school, Schechter fully embraces the basic Jewish ideals, which are shared by all of the world’s great religions. These basic ethical tenets; honesty, loyalty, respect for others, empathy for others less fortunate than yourself, environmental stewardship—are woven into every facet of the SSA experience. If you visit the school, you will see this values-based education expressed in hundreds of ways large and small every day—older students helping younger ones; students working cooperatively; service programs; charitable fundraising; the year’s ethical theme. These are not special events—they are part of every day SSA life.

In short, Solomon Schechter Academy nurtures the whole child—their mind, body, heart and soul.