4th & 5th Grades

The fourth and fifth grade years are a time of fostered independence. The core subjects of reading and math are taught by ability-grouping while the classes are combined for writing, social studies, science, and specials. Integration of all subject matters is crucial in a combined curriculum. Research skills are honed as the students write articles for The Lion's Roar  news magazine. Computer skills are further developed in social studies, math, and science. The work completed by the fourth and fifth grade students well prepares them to enter into their final year at SSA and the experience of middle school.

"Children have an innate sense of curiosity about the world and are natural scientists.  Our hands-on approach to science education in every grade nurtures this curiosity and helps build a strong foundation for a deeper understanding of science as the children grow."

Jennifer Zettler, Grades 4-6 science teacher

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