• Solomon Schechter Academy

Community Service

As part of their annual Community Service Day, students at Solomon Schechter Academy decided to do their part to help as the country fights the COVID-19 pandemic. On the morning of Wednesday November 25th, students participated in a walk-a-thon at Harkness Memorial State Park to raise money for this cause.

Their first project included making activity bags for young children that are quarantining at home. These activity bags include a beach ball with 10 games created by Schechter students. Each bag also has directions and supplies to make a stress ball and a delicious no-bake dessert. Materials for a creative craft and a gift card for shopping are also included.

In addition, Schechter students, families, and staff together donated items to create beautiful gift baskets for a nurse practioner and doctor that work in the COVID wing at Lawrence & Memorial Hospital. After their walk-a-thon at Harkness, students honored these front line workers with a song they wrote themselves.

Solomon Schechter students are doing their part to make a difference during this pandemic.


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