The Heart of our Success

As lifetime learners, our faculty are positive role models for our students. They work within and across disciplines to provide a fully integrated academic experience. The school recognizes and responds to children's individual learning styles and needs by increasing the level of challenge for advanced learners and providing enhanced development opportunities, as appropriate. We offer creative uses of available school and community resources to provide a learning environment that is academically productive and emotionally supportive for each student's needs.

With roots in the Jewish community and welcoming families of all religions and cultures, SSA emphasizes the universal values of responsibility, scholarship, compassion, inclusiveness, and honesty. Our comprehensive secular curriculum, which includes language arts, math, science, social studies, music, art, and physical education, prepares our students for a lifetime of learning in a complex, multicultural world.

Working in both single-age and multi-age groups. and supported by our dedicated teachers, our students experience the power of collaboration. Small classes allow us to address students' varied needs and learning styles. Parents are actively involved in all areas of school life. Doors are always open.

There is so much here at SSA, and only a fraction can fit on a web site. We would be happy to meet you, and have you explore our extraordinary school for yourself.

Our Mission

Solomon Schechter Academy nurtures in our students the joy and excitement of lifelong learning. Through the texts and teachings of Judaism, we establish a foundation for a spiritual and ethical way of life.  We challenge our students to become creative, compassionate, and critical thinkers who have a sense of responsibility for themselves, their communities, and their world.

Teaching and Learning

SSA is the educational choice for both Jewish and non-Jewish families seeking a stimulating, supportive, and joyful start for their children's formal schooling years. The program and facilities encourage intellectual development in a secure, individualized  atmosphere, which fosters the child's natural curiosity and instills pride and confidence in his or her identity.

Our secular studies program offers opportunities to learn in a broad range of areas, including the core disciplines of reading, science, mathematics,  language arts, and social science. Enrichment of these core disciplines is provided by regular instruction and participation in music, art, computer science, community service, and physical education.

Our Judaic curriculum includes Hebrew language, Jewish history, Jewish laws and customs, holiday observances, values and ethics, Torah, prayer, and the study of Israel. The beautiful traditions and observances of Judaism are incorporated into and related to the daily lives of our students. For example, when our students learn the mitzvah of visiting the sick, they may practice it by going to nursing homes or local hospitals. Similarly, they are encouraged to practice the mitzvah of regularly giving tzedakah. Our students actively participate in deciding how tzedakah will be distributed.

Each school year, our curriculum is enhanced by two visiting emissaries.  The emissaries are native Israeli, young men and women who choose to delay their military service in Israel for one year to come to the U.S. to perform volunteer educational support services at SSA. The positive perspective and unique experiences that these volunteers bring to our students is highly valued.