Why is this school different from all other schools?


Choosing a school for our children is a serious responsibility. When we are choosing our child’s very first school, the decision is tougher yet. This is a complex, competitive and sometimes confusing world, and we want to prepare our children by exposing them to a rigorous and challenging curriculum. But when our child leaves home on their first day of school, academic achievement is the farthest thing from our mind. Of course we want our children to develop critical academic talents, but we also want them to be cared for; we want them to learn how to interact with children and adults, to form friendships, to be part of a group, to lead; we want their special talents to be recognized, and, if their talents are hidden, we want someone to care enough to dig deeper and find them; we want our children to feel safe, so that they can be completely fearless in the pursuit of knowledge—math, science, language, history, art or music—knowing that they are surrounded by people who believe in them; and we want them to know the difference between right and wrong, and to feel that they can make a difference. If you think this sounds a lot like your job as a parent, you’re right. A great school is your partner. After all, your child spends almost as much time at school as they do awake at home—don’t you think that your dreams for your child should be shared by their teachers? No school does this any better than Solomon Schechter Academy—if you find that hard to believe, come in and visit. You’ll feel the difference the instant you step through the door.

To understand how Solomon Schechter Academy can be that different, let’s look at the three things that distinguish SSA from all other schools—the curriculum, the staff and the culture.